Monday, 11 May 2009


I passed on "Twilight", and I haven't watched HBO's "True blood" or the Swedish movie "Morse" yet, but I'm still reeling from recently rewatching Murnau's "Nosferatu", Franju's "Vampires", and Romero's terrifying "Martin".

Maybe it's the time I spend writing my Indonesian vampire script, listening to Thai gogo (cue in Don's "Soul Dracula").
The version by Hot Blood:

ソウルドラキュラSoul Dracula 1976 - HOT BLOOD

Or reading Sir Richard Burton's "King Vikram".
Or eating lots of raw meat.
Or waiting for Park Chan Wook's "박쥐" (Thirst): (sorry no subtitles, but this trailer is scarier than the following one, which looks borderline comic)

With English "fantitling":

But I have recently been receiving more tidbits from bloodthirsty friends:

Whether going batty with hand-sewn handbags from Hoiming in HK:

Love them upside down and inside out.

It's art-deco and 1940's DC comics, for batgirls and nightly predators.

Or opting for cute teenage flesh from my brethren at Lost my fangs in KL:

Or chilling in cemetaries with blood capsules and handmade silver necklaces from my girl Argentum in Singapore:

Makan makan.

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