Saturday, 16 May 2009

Gang filims

Well, 搖頭 gangsters to be exact.

From Singapore:

Royston Tan's amazing "15".
Singapore bo be zhao!

Kan ni na be Singapore bo be zhao!

The nightclub version:

From the Philippines:

Brillante Mendoza's powerful, brutal, hidden camera cut-up freestyle "Tirador"

"Tribu" by Jim Libiran.
Paris, Fribourg, Berlin, Pusan, Palanca Award Best Screenplay, Cinemalaya 2007's Best Film, Best Actors and Best Sound.

Starring real life Tondo gang members, Jamir Garcia of Slapshock, Dice & Hi C (Mobbstarrs), Loonie & Ron (Stick Figgas) and poet Teo Antonio.

From South Korea:

"친구" ("Friend") by 곽경택
Kwak Kyung-Taek.

From Japan:

"3-4 x 10月" ("
Boiling Point") by 北野武 Kitano Takeshi.

"新宿黒社会 チャイナ マフィア戦争" ("Shinjuku Triad Society") by 三池 崇史 Miike Takashi.
Gay triads!

Merci Alexis

"殺し屋" ("Ichi the Killer") also by 三池 崇史 Miike Takashi.
Starring 浅野忠信 Tadanobu Asano in this cute scene if you're feeling in the mood:

and "犯罪者" ("Dead or Alive") also by 三池 崇史 Miike Takashi.
竹内力 Riki Takeuchi and 哀川翔 Aikawa Sho

Featuring a Guinness-world-record-breaking line of charlie.

"刺青一代" ("A Tattooed Life") by 鈴木 清順 Suzuki Seijun.
Starring 高橋英樹 Takahashi Hideki.

From Hong Kong:

"鎗火" ("The Mission") by 杜琪峰 Johnnie To.
Starring 黃秋生 Anthony Wong, 吳鎮宇 Francis Ng, 張耀揚 Roy Cheung, 林雪 Lam Suet, 呂頌賢 Jackie Lui, 高雄 Eddie Ko and 任達華 Simon Yam.

"江湖告急" ("Triad Zone") by 林超贤 Dante Lam.
Starring a song-and-dance 梁家辉 Tony Leung Ka-Fai, the great Sandra Ng 吴君如, 陈奕迅 Eason Chan, 張耀揚 Roy Cheung, Carl Ng, and a hilarious 黃秋生 Anthony Wong.

From Indonesia:

"9 Naga" by Rudy Soedjarwo

Friday, 15 May 2009

Agro Metal, Jogjakarta

Catch Samuel Indratma's latest exhibition at Tembi Contemporary in Jogja:

He is one of the founders of the Apotik Komik collective.

Jl. Parangtritis Km 8,5
Tembi, Timbulharjo, Sewon, Bantul, Jogja 55186
+62 274 6881919
Tuesday - Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 11 am - 5 pm
Closed on Mondays and public holidays.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Pulau Batam delivery

The isle of Batam is only an hour by ferry from Singapore. It used to be jungle only, peppered with some drunk locals and Malacca straits whores. Now it's a huge joint development by Singapore and Indonesia, sprouting industrial zones, cheap housing and sex trade.

My uncle had a cosmetics deal at a friend..s hair salon, Win Spa 2, so I had a "cream puff" head massage while enjoying the inimitable Asian interior aesthetics of baroque and 70s schnitz, and a remarkable jazz radio.
We dined on "kimchi chiki" at a Korean restaurant where the staff was cheeky and incompetent, by Batak standards. The restaurant was at the mezzanine of the Hotel Planet Holiday, gleaming in reddish gold chandeliers, and humongous fish tanks in the lobby that lent the over the top surroundings the welcoming ambience of a very bright seafood restaurant. I thought it was fine because I enjoy this seventies extravaganza, but I was told the hotel had just opened. We went for coffee at the Sky Lounge, infused with blue neon lights that made us look like trapped mosquitoes. The band was extraordinarily uncoordinated, and the disparate customers could barely carry a tune, from "I will always love you" to "Tears in heaven" and the inevitable "Hotel California". We preferred to sing on our own at the Hotel Puri Garden..s Barong Karaoke, where I chose songs for my uncle to belt out with a fervor seldom witnessed in these parts: "Please don't let me be misunderstood", "Mack the knife", "As tears go by", "Top of the world", "Crazy", "Highway star", "Don't let me down"...

We then proceeded to what's left of the red light district, since the casinos had to close down because of 1) immoral distraction exerted upon industrious Singaporean bread winners, and 2) the Sands casino project in Singapore. I mean, "Integrated Resort". The Singapore government doesn't like the word "casino".
In dark beat up alleys we found the Steps Café, an old rock bar where a few bored working girls entertained two drunk seniors of the community, middle aged Chinese gangsters in snazzy sneakers played intense games of pool, and a fabulous young rock band played requests from one table. Their renditions of "Simply the best" and "Bohemian rhapsody" were bold and earth shattering. Still it felt a little cold and lonely on this Tuesday night.
So we left the muddy quarters, and as midnight struck, the dark roads filled with an endless outpour of workers, stumbling out in the dark like students after a day's worth of exams. The factory night shift. Only then I understood the strings of otherwise empty food stalls by the roadside. Most of the workers hopped onto scooters and trucks, and disappeared into the zone, endless rows of prefab dorms still dusty from their box kits.

We moved on to Club Pacific, a large, dark disco where hundreds of kids, working girls and waiters after work, as well as factory workers with their badges still on, were jumping furiously in ecstasy. It packed more clubbers that night than all of Singapore.

However the acid techno was hard on our aging ears, so we escaped to Hotel Planet Holiday's infamous discothèque, Ozon. That immense ballroom was packing even more people, crazier, more brain-melting music, with a few middle aged, overweight Westerners rubbing against the local fare, some thugs accompanied by bored bodyguards who were more interested in the local boys, and one betty boop who danced furiously while slapping any man who groped her. When the stolen Queen riff introduced "Ice ice baby", the crowd went wild. It never fails, sadly. Except this was a dangdut two-step remix, with a slowed down bassline, and accelerated vocals in Bahasa. Think smurfland on drugs. On stage four strong girls were writhing in night-market sequin bikinis and feather boas, improvising desperate choreographies that had the males hypnotized. It felt like I had landed on an outpost planet in a galaxy far far away from Patpong.

The blasting air con chased us out across town to Club Z, an even bigger discotheque that was unexplainably empty, save for an r'n b band playing over-eagerly, perhaps were they auditioning, in front of an even noisier group of young Chinese girl brats squealing and swearing in Fukkien.

We checked in to the Puri Garden, where the carpets and wallpaper are deliciously "Shining", this time truly from the eighties.

More tips to Batam here.

Sexiest Asians (and mixed Asian heritage) 2009

In order of artistic valour:

陈冲 Joan Chen, an amazing actress

Nandita Das, an amazing actress

Rani Mukerjee, a beautiful actress

梁家辉 Tony Leung Kar Fai

and 任达华 Simon Yam
, the handsomest Chinese actors

Golshifteh Farahani

Riya Sen

Sarah Shahi

Rick Tan my brother

Marion Caunter, who's cool

But the sexiest is my wife Lily.

Sven Tan, Surface magazine

Fashion genie Sven Tan from Singapore, designer at Alldressedup, is to have his own brand clothes featured in an imminent exhibition by Surface magazine.
Bravo Sven!
And thank you so much Pierrot.

Styled by PCP for Surface magazine.

Monday, 11 May 2009


I passed on "Twilight", and I haven't watched HBO's "True blood" or the Swedish movie "Morse" yet, but I'm still reeling from recently rewatching Murnau's "Nosferatu", Franju's "Vampires", and Romero's terrifying "Martin".

Maybe it's the time I spend writing my Indonesian vampire script, listening to Thai gogo (cue in Don's "Soul Dracula").
The version by Hot Blood:

ソウルドラキュラSoul Dracula 1976 - HOT BLOOD

Or reading Sir Richard Burton's "King Vikram".
Or eating lots of raw meat.
Or waiting for Park Chan Wook's "박쥐" (Thirst): (sorry no subtitles, but this trailer is scarier than the following one, which looks borderline comic)

With English "fantitling":

But I have recently been receiving more tidbits from bloodthirsty friends:

Whether going batty with hand-sewn handbags from Hoiming in HK:

Love them upside down and inside out.

It's art-deco and 1940's DC comics, for batgirls and nightly predators.

Or opting for cute teenage flesh from my brethren at Lost my fangs in KL:

Or chilling in cemetaries with blood capsules and handmade silver necklaces from my girl Argentum in Singapore:

Makan makan.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yes I think beatboxing is getting tiring, especially now that it's performed by wiggas chiggas jiggas on talent shows.

But some are still pretty good.

This from ethnic Koreans in Yan Bian, Ji Lin province in North China:

Apparently W+K Shanghai is doing a documentary about this phenomenon.

Or there are the Philippines' amazing Akafellas.

Or Hong Kong's 農夫 F.A.M.A.'s "咳" ("cough") cut on their 月下思 album (download it here).

There is a lot of ugly Asian hip hop wear.
The only stuff I like is MC Yan's Chinese graffiti 宁死不屈 garb and accessories.
His Tshirts come fitted with
Fu©Kin Music 福建音樂 memory chips.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Kampong logo

Kampong logo designed by PCP, gracias chkrmLink

Amok rockers of the South Seas 5


愛在發燒 - 董事長樂團 The Chairman
(真的假的!?, 2006), Taiwan

夢 - 董事長樂團 The Chairman
(找一個新世界 Looking for a new world, 2005), Taiwan

Sedang Ingin Bercinta - Dewa 19
(Republik Cinta), legendary Indonesian rock band

Kasidah Cinta - Dewa 19
(Atas Nama Cinta I), Indonesia

这辆红色的列车 - P.K.14
(谁谁谁和谁谁谁, 2004), China
thanks Li Hui!

Beh Buti Nga - Parokya Ni Edgar
(Edgar Edgar Musikahan), Philippines
eternal anthem

Outro, feat. MC Yan - 醒神薑 Sanskrit
(Sanskrit, 2006), Hong Kong

Alhamdullilah - Too Phat
(Platinum Edition, 2004), Malaysia

声音 - P.K.14
(谁谁谁和谁谁谁, 2004), China

快 - P.K.14
(谁谁谁和谁谁谁, 2004), China

擦掉橡皮擦 - Alluvial
(像星星一樣 Like A Star, 2007), Taiwan

父親 - 鈑機小茶
(像星星一樣 Like A Star, 2007), Taiwan


Amok rockers of the South seas 4


Orchid Island Protest - 鐵虎兄弟 T-ho brothers
(T-ho brothers), Taiwan
thanks to DJ Ty who introduced me

我要搵嘢撈 - 醒神薑 Sanskrit
(Sanskrit, 2006), Hong Kong
merci Jean-Michel!

蒙古殺手 Mongolia Killer - 黃秋生 Anthony Wong Chau Sang
(地痞搖滾 Underdog Rock, 1996), Hong Kong

Dark Side (ga-pi + 7 dub) - Ga-Pi
(Dub Kitchen, 2003), Thailand
Check out his video:
Ga-pi : Return to The Dub Kitchen

Wake In Peace - Goose
(Goose, 2004), Thailand
thanks Josef!

Siam Dub - Siam Dub Monster
(Siam Dub Monster, 2003), Thailand
thanks Josef!

Skali Skale - Gerhana Ska Cinta

美丽的南方 - 木Mυmα马
(果冻帝国, 2004), China

Damn Dirty Apes - Rebel Scum
(KLue Decibel 01, 2003), Malaysia
a very good compilation by KLue magazine, thanks Adrian

自我增值 - 醒神薑 Sanskrit
(Sanskrit, 2006), Hong Kong

New York Kung Fu Society - Dynamite Club
(The Legend Of Tiger Mask, 2002), Japan
hi Kentaro!

Trip (Siopao na Special) - Parokya Ni Edgar

八達樓子 - 董事長樂團 The Chairman
(真的假的!?, 2006), Taiwan

新男性的復仇 - 董事長樂團 The Chairman
(真的假的!?, 2006), Taiwan


Amok rockers of the South Seas 3


螢火蟲 - Digihai
(像星星一樣 Like A Star, 2007), Taiwan

我的街头 My Streets, feat. Young Kin (excerpt) - 隐藏 Yin Ts'ang
(Fast Lane, 2008), China

Firm - DJ Bobby
(Jakarta Movement '05, 2005), the Stadium ringmaster, Indonesia

Chaa-Hol (Tuvian Folk Song) - Yat-Kha
(Tundra's Ghosts, 1997), Mongolia

Shanghai - 默契音樂 Silent Agreement

เหนือใจ - Rik Vachirapirum
(Rasmalai Chapter 1, 2005), Thailand

Thaitay MF (remix) - Thaitanium
thanks Josef!

咳 - 農夫 F.A.M.A.
(月下思), Hong Kong

Pills & Permit - MC Su
hey Josh

Yed - Thaitanium

Trip (ghoststyle mix) - MC Su
thanks Ghost

呆会儿 Stay Awhile (excerpt) - 隐藏 Yin Ts'ang
(Fast Lane, 2008), China

Goat's Addiction - Red moon
(默契音樂 Silent Agreement), Taiwan

往左往右 Left and Right (excerpt) - 隐藏 Yin Ts'ang
(Fast Lane, 2008), China

Keep Walking (excerpt) - 林強 Lim Giong
(驚蟄 Insects Awaken, 2005), Taiwan

举起你的杯 Raise your glass, feat. Sawana (excerpt) - 隐藏 Yin Ts'ang
(Fast Lane, 2008), China

Mind Noise (excerpt) - 林強 Lim Giong
(驚蟄 Insects Awaken, 2005), Taiwan

毕其功于一役 When I get there (excerpt) - 隐藏 Yin Ts'ang
(Fast Lane, 2008), China

Falsafah Pendekar - Pendekar
(XS One: the Regiment - School for X'Scape artists, 2007), Singapore - Malaysia

Mothers of Love History - Projekt Heterologia
(Mothers of Love History), from Bandoeng, Indonesia


Amok rockers of the South Seas 2



.......... - อพาร์ตเมนต์คุณป้า apartmentkhunpa
(Bangkok Love Story, 2003), amazing Thai band
thanks Josef!

Berdansa (groundtotheair mix) - Inspirational Joni
2005, Indonesia

Kau Di Sana - The Adams
(The Adams, 2005), Indonesia
thanks Indra!

破銅爛鐵 ("metal scrap") - 四分衛 Backquarter
(角頭臉譜, 2005), Taiwan

Membakar Jakarta [Demo Version 2003] - Seringai
(Jkt:Skrg, 2004), Indonesian metal
thanks Aksara!

無能用者 ("scum") - 黃秋生 Anthony Wong Chau Sang
(地痞搖滾 Underdog Rock, 1996), the great Hong Kong actor.
a great guy, one of the very cool people in entertainment in Hong Kong.

Let's Dance (excerpt) - Dagger Stab
(Riot - The Thursday Riot Compilation, 2005), Indonesian death-metal

新聞太吵 - 林強 Lim Giong
(驚蟄 Insects Awaken, 2005), big brother of Taiwan rock and electro
big up mister man

感覺時刻 - 竇唯 Dou Wei
(黑夢, 1994), legendary Chinese rock

明天更漫長 - 竇唯 Dou Wei
(黑夢, 1994), China

把嘴唇摘掉 - 木Mυmα马
(果冻帝国, 2004), amazing China rock
thanks Li Hui!

庆祝生活的方法-献给胡湖 - 木Mυmα马
(果冻帝国, 2004), China

Walang Nangyari - Parokya Ni Edgar
(Halina Sa Parokya), Philippines

Pedro's Basura Mix - Parokya Ni Edgar
(Halina Sa Parokya), Philippines