Monday, 22 June 2009

French-Chinese fusion

Porcelain plate detail, "Trio musical européen", cobalt blue, Kangxi kingdom, circa 1700.

Listen to Jean-Philippe Rameau's "Indes galantes", and Jean-Baptiste Lully's "Triomphe de Bacchus dans les Indes".

As I visited the Musée de la Compagnie des Indes in Lorient in Brittany, named so because it was France's first harbour to the Orient in the XVIIth century, under Louis XIV's super finance minister Colbert.
Among the many artifacts brought back from the East India Company's trade, are some interesting and fun examples of French-Chinese fusion. With booming trade, and increasing demand, Chinese manufacturers adapted their techniques to European style. For example, porcelain China depicting French bourgeois scenes:

Porcelain plate, "Famille européenne sur une terrasse", cobalt blue, Kangxi kingdom, circa 1700.

Furthermore, because of political turmoil and war in the XVIIth century, between the Ming and Qing dynasties, Europeans turned to Japan for supplies. The Dutch, who had the monopole on trade with Japan, started importing their Imari porcelain, from the harbour of Imari on Kyûshû. Once things cooled down, the Chinese picked up again and produced their own Chinese Imari style, at a fraction of the cost and faster.
Sounds familiar? With the Portuguese, Dutch, English and French East India Companies, came globalization.

"Le gouverneur Duff et sa femme", Yongzheng kingdom, circa 1720-1730.

In the XVIIIth century under Louis XV, when the Compagnie des Indes et de l'Orient was at its peak, the large and powerful French bourgeoisie went head over heels over things oriental, inspiring their top craftsmen to produce their own Chinoiseries. Many merchant families from the Atlantic coast from La Rochelle to Bordeaux, or Lyons because of the silk trade, still have many such articles in their living rooms.
In the XIXth century, from Napoleon's Empire to the Colonies, that led to Orientalism, spilling out of homeware and decorative craftsmanship, into literature and fine arts.

An allegorical picture by XVIIth century baroque artist Nicolas Bonnart, “L’Asie”, read:

“Mortels dont la nature est triste et saine
Du froid qui rend nos corps pâles et languissants
Quittez vos froids climats et venez en Asie
Recevoir les odeurs du baume et de l’encens.”

Unfortunately I can't find the picture.
But I found this dude in Lorient, outside a restaurant:

This giggly cross-pollination reminds me of the 2002 "After masters" series by Yin Xin from Kashgar, whom I met a few years ago in Paris thanks to Jennifer "General" Lee.

"After Watteau: Pierrot, dit autrefois Gilles"

"After Manet: Le Fifre"

"After Rubens: Les Trois Graces"

"After De Vinci: Mona Lisa "

"After Botticelli: Naissance de Vénus"

"After Manet: Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe"

"After Titien: Vénus se Divertissant avec l'Amour"

"Ecole de Fontainebleau: Gabrielle d'Estrées et Une de ses Soeurs"

"After David: Le Serment des Horaces"

I just find them hilarious. And a bit sad.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

"Mentally unsound", convicted, walks free

Deng Yujiao has been diagnosed with "mental imbalance". Maybe because she had been kept in a mental hospital with feet and hands tied for 5 days?

This seems an unheard-of ruling in China, stage-managed, trying desperately to cop out under public opinion (!), while trying (and failing) to save face. It's not often the courts try too hard... So, 1 cookie point for trying.

Asie by derrière 3

Morer fun cover songs by Asian artists for the Summer:

Asie by derrière 3 - Kampong beats by yaimogwei


The Real Filipino - DJ GoKoU
(~*PiNoY PrIdE* love azn), The Philippines

Poupée de Cire, poupée de son (tripping trap mix) - Gml
(Elastique), Japan

You say yes, i say no (excerpt) - DJ Klocke
(Timing incorrect), Japan

Sweet vibrations - Ua
(Fine feathers make fine birds, live,1996), Japan

Every breath you take - ?
(Magpakailanman), The Philippines

Mademoiselle de Paris - コシミハル Miharu Koshi
(Chanson solaire, 1995), Japan

I can't stop loving you - 雨天 Yu Tian
The King

Every breath you take - ?
Teo chew hip hop
Merci Dara!

Boum -
コシミハル Miharu Koshi
(Chanson solaire, 1995), Japan
Thanks Cam!

Jab Koi Baat Bigad Jaaye - Sudhir Kumar & Rajesh Roshan
("500 miles")

歌舞春宵 - 陈宝珠 Connie Chan Po Chu
San Francisco")
Hong Kong

Bai Ca Tru Trinh (Et si tu n'existais pas) - Elvis Phuong & Ngoc Lan (R.I.P.)

Careless Whisper - 梅艳芳 Anita Mui, R.I.P.
Hong Kong

I miss her very, very much, and cry everytime I think of her.


Asie by derrière 2

More fun cover songs by Asian artists to start the Summer:

Asie by derrière 2 - Kampong beats by yaimogwei


Venus - 凌雲 Rita Chao

Macho - Parokya Ni Edgar
The Philippines

メロディーについて Melody - カヒミ・カリィ Kahimi Karie
(Gainsbourg tribute '95), Japan

Je t'aime moi non plus - The Traces
(Thai Beat A Go-Go Vol 2), Thailand

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (excerpt) - He 6
(GoGo Sound with He 6, 1971), South Korea

Picha Pie - Parokya ni Edgar
(Gulong Itlog Gulong,
1999), The Philippines
("I will survive")

叮噹歌聲 - 陈宝珠 Connie Chan Po Chu
8 Days A Week", thanks Anthony)
Hong Kong

Proud Mary - 凌雲 Rita Chao

The Crush (Bakit and Pangit) - Parokya ni Edgar
1996), The Philippines

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Yat-Kha
(ReCovers), Mongolia

Good Morning (excerpt) - PixelToy
(Science of Love), Hong Kong

Love Will Tear Us Apart -
(O...Oh), Hong Kong

Because the night - Ua
(Fine feathers make fine birds, live, 1996), Japan

Trip (Siopao na Special) - Parokya ni Edgar
The Philippines

Play With Fire -
(ReCovers ), Mongolia

Nakaw Ang Walet Ko -
Parokya ni Edgar
("Knocking on heaven's door")
(Kangkhunkerrinitz, 1996), The Philippines

C'est si bon - コシミハル Miharu Koshi
(Chanson solaire, 1995), Japan


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Asie by derrière 1

Fun cover songs by Asian artists to start the Summer:

Asie by derrière 1 - Kampong beats by yaimogwei


James Bond Theme - The Son of P. M. (Payong Mukda)
Thai Beat a go-go vol 1, Thailand

ซิงเกิล I Wanna Be Your Dog (Pram Face Remix) - Futon

Quizas, quizas, quizas - Norico & 大江達也 Tatsuya Oe aka Captain Funk
(Hilton 21, 2005), Japan

夢見るシャンソン人形 Poupée de cire, poupée de son - 細川ふみえ Hosokawa Fumie

(Gainsbourg Tribute '95, download it here), Japan

What Is Love? - Alisha Chinai & Anu Malik
(The Gentleman OST, 1994), India

Smells like teen spirit - Stylish Nonsense

Elastique - Gml (Girl meets love)
(Elastique, 1996), Japan

I Want You Back - Finger 5

Don't Stop Til You Get to Bollywood - Bollywood Freaks
(Bombay Gangstarr), India

Bading Ang Dating (Lauryn Hill's "Doo wop - That thing") -
Francis Magalona (R.I.P.)
(Francis Magalona Kiko - piling awit ni Francis M), The Philippines

可愛的香港 ("Summer Holiday") - 陈宝珠 Connie Chan Po Chu
Hong Kong

Mustafa, Mustafa - A.R. Rahman
(Kadhal Desam OST, 1996), India

Padam...padam... - コシミハル Miharu Koshi

(Chanson Solaire, 1995), Japan

卡門 (
Carmen, "La Habanera") - 葛蘭 Ge Lan (Grace Chang)
(from the amazing film 野玫瑰之恋 The Wild, Wild Rose), China

海、セックスそして太陽 Sea, sex and sun - 夏木マリ Natsuki Mari
(13 Chansons, 1998), Japan


Amok rockers of the South Seas 6



Akala - Parokya Ni Edgar
(Solid, 2007), Philippines

家 - 害羞踢蘋果
(像星星一樣 Like A Star, 2007), Taiwan

? - Armchair
thanks Josef!

After dinner - 久能逸事
(再有骨氣, 1997), Hong Kong
thanks Monte!

混亂 - 趙一豪
(南國,再見南國 Goodbye South, Goodbye O.S.T., 1996), Taiwan
the haunting movie by Hou Hsiao Hsien

颱風 - 趙一豪
(南國,再見南國 Goodbye South, Goodbye O.S.T., 1996), Taiwan

Silicon 槍子 - 濁水溪公社
(南國,再見南國 Goodbye South, Goodbye O.S.T., 1996), Taiwan

十樓之一 - Vera Queen
(像星星一樣 Like A Star, 2007), Taiwan

Taya - Up Dharma Down
(Bipolar, 2008), Philippines

Indonesiakan Una (Live) - Slank
(Generasi Biru - Original Soundtrack, 2009), Indonesia


Monday, 15 June 2009

Sexy bhabhi

Savita Bhabhi is one hot and horny desi lady.

Get frisky with "Bollywood Lust" by Rajesh Hardwani - r-H - Bollywood Lust

Found at bee mp3 search engine

and the classic Kishore Kumar's "Apni To Jaise Taise" from the 1981 film "Laawaris"

Apni To Jaise Taise (Lawaaris) - Songs.PK

and its remix - Apni To Jaise Taise

Found at bee mp3 search engine
Smells like a beach discotheque!

And Kalianji Anandji's sultry 1980 "Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage Ho"
Kalianji-Anandj - Kalianji-Anandji-Na Na Na Yeh Kya Karne Lage Ho

Found at bee mp3 search engine

Danke schön Kiyoshi for the info!