Friday, 21 October 2011

NeoFolk South East Asian contemporary art show at Cutlog Paris art fair, Oct19-23

Response at the Cutlog art fair Oct19-23 to our NeoFolk showing has been amazing.

Our NeoFolk show, by Clear Edition gallery, was by far the most popular amongst visitors and exhibitors alike. People and media were grateful to discover and learn about contemporary art that wasn't conceptual or commercial pop art, but fresh, original, narrative, and immediately accessible.

Feedback on the artworks was a mix of wonder and joy for such uniqueness, talent, dedication and craftsmanship.

Kult magazine's NeoFolk catalogs went out like hot cakes, opening visitors' eyes to a new realm of creation.
They were distributed to hot spots around Paris, galleries, shops and bars.

Cutlog director Bruno Hadjadj introduced us to French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterrand at the launch of the Paris international contemporary art fair on October19th, and gave him the Kult # NeoFolk issue.

Syan aka MC Yan's live mural and hip hop performance was a blast, astonishing everyone at the Arte prize party on Oct21st.

Multiple connections were made, for future exhibitions across various art centres, galleries and curators in Paris, Marseille, Nice, Belgium, London and Naples.
The Cutlog team has been very supportive, giving us the best, central spot in the fair, and introducing our works to his network of collectors, curators and media.
Many thanks to Steve and Zarani at Kult for publishing the beautiful NeoFolk issue.

Artists exhibiting were:

Syan aka MC Yan from Hong Kong: live graffiti painting and hip hop

Kuanth from Singapore: XinHua shadow puppet show, acrylic animated installation “杜十娘 Du ShiNiang (Lady No.10)“, 150 x 90 x 40 cm

Sokkuan Tye from Singapore: “Kuih-muih” hanging installation, felt, 70 x 70 x 100cm

Darbotz from Jakarta, thanks to M.A.C. Graffiti:
“Tomorrow #1", 100 x 80 cm
and “Tomorrow #2", 100 x 80 cm

I Made Palguna from Yogjakarta, thanks to Kiridesa gallery:
“Cute guy”, 100 x 100 cm

and “Sofa model #5”, 100 x 150 cm

Samuel Indratma from Yogjakarta: 4 x “(Mletho) Animalle” papier mâché sculptures (1 SOLD), approx 90 x 40 x 60 cm

redslim08 from the Philippines: 8 drawings (ALL SOLD), 30 x 22.5 cm
Hilo Garsy / Matricia Javier

Camille Frat / Sihorsifina Magdayao

Oykotrinal Muskopan / Rabis Marker

Jelana Magdangal / Dagyana Suviree Olioli

Jam Wu 吳耿禎 from Taipei: polypropylene paper prints of silk-cutting
“愛與勇氣飛翔王國“ The Kingdom Full of Love and Courage to Fly (SOLD), 90 x 90 cm
“小樂” Xiao Le, 90 x 90 cm
and “小喜” Xiao Xi, 120 x 120 cm

My favourite pieces at Cutlog:

Gordon Chandler's metal kimono, at stage候台BACK

Barbara Husar's Cord of Rexa Shanghaisaurosuses

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Asian contemporary art in Venice June 2011

Asian artists put up a great showing at the Venice 2011 Biennale. This is a small selection of those I enjoyed.

Seen at Future Pass, at the San Gregorio abbey:

黃致陽 Huang Zhi Yang, Taiwanese artist in Beijing
"Auspicious Beast no.1"

孙逊 Sun Xun
, from Hangzhou

猪子寿之 Toshiyuki Inoko from Team Lab Tokyo
"花と屍 Flower and Corpse" 3D virtual animation

楊茂林 Yang Mao Lin, from Taiwan
"The Three Sages in the Ocean of Misery", 2009

"Jataka Tale of Extraordinary Love"

Sea Hyun Lee, Korean artist in London
"Between Red"

邱黯雄 Qiu An Xiong, from SiChuan
毛旭辉 Mao Xu Hui, from YunNan

施工 Shy Gong, from Taipei
"TaiKe Fantasy" interactive animated neon paintings

Indie Guerillas, from Yogyagarta
"Sons of the Beach"

See also their "Rock'n Roll is our Epiphany", decal and acrylic over wood and iron.

杨福东 Yang Fu Dong from Beijing

缪晓春 Miao Xiao Chun, from Jiangsu, based in Beijing

唐茂宏 Tang Mao Hong, from Guangxi, based in Shanghai, whose video installation below I had already seen at the Singapore Biennale

刘野 Liu Ye from Beijing, channeling Balthus...

Seen at "Cracked Culture? The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art" at the Palazzo Giustinian and Convento San Spirito, curated by the Guangdong Museum of Art:

Ma Han, from Beijing
"Plan of the Ants", 2004. Rice, fibreglass, enamel

"Breathing System"

Shi Jindian, from SiChuan, blue steel wire motorcycle sculptures

Feng Feng, from LiaoNing

焦兴涛 Jiao Xing Tao from ChengDu

Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty's Medusa animation,

and Imran Hossain Piplu's Bone Gun, at the Bangladesh pavillion,

which resonates in echo to Jitish Kallat's Royal Enfield Ignitaurus at the Paris-Delhi-Bombay show at Pompidou.