Saturday, 18 June 2011

Asian contemporary art in Venice June 2011

Asian artists put up a great showing at the Venice 2011 Biennale. This is a small selection of those I enjoyed.

Seen at Future Pass, at the San Gregorio abbey:

黃致陽 Huang Zhi Yang, Taiwanese artist in Beijing
"Auspicious Beast no.1"

孙逊 Sun Xun
, from Hangzhou

猪子寿之 Toshiyuki Inoko from Team Lab Tokyo
"花と屍 Flower and Corpse" 3D virtual animation

楊茂林 Yang Mao Lin, from Taiwan
"The Three Sages in the Ocean of Misery", 2009

"Jataka Tale of Extraordinary Love"

Sea Hyun Lee, Korean artist in London
"Between Red"

邱黯雄 Qiu An Xiong, from SiChuan
毛旭辉 Mao Xu Hui, from YunNan

施工 Shy Gong, from Taipei
"TaiKe Fantasy" interactive animated neon paintings

Indie Guerillas, from Yogyagarta
"Sons of the Beach"

See also their "Rock'n Roll is our Epiphany", decal and acrylic over wood and iron.

杨福东 Yang Fu Dong from Beijing

缪晓春 Miao Xiao Chun, from Jiangsu, based in Beijing

唐茂宏 Tang Mao Hong, from Guangxi, based in Shanghai, whose video installation below I had already seen at the Singapore Biennale

刘野 Liu Ye from Beijing, channeling Balthus...

Seen at "Cracked Culture? The Quest for Identity in Contemporary Chinese Art" at the Palazzo Giustinian and Convento San Spirito, curated by the Guangdong Museum of Art:

Ma Han, from Beijing
"Plan of the Ants", 2004. Rice, fibreglass, enamel

"Breathing System"

Shi Jindian, from SiChuan, blue steel wire motorcycle sculptures

Feng Feng, from LiaoNing

焦兴涛 Jiao Xing Tao from ChengDu

Kabir Ahmed Masum Chisty's Medusa animation,

and Imran Hossain Piplu's Bone Gun, at the Bangladesh pavillion,

which resonates in echo to Jitish Kallat's Royal Enfield Ignitaurus at the Paris-Delhi-Bombay show at Pompidou.


  1. Love them and thanks for putting them up. There are some really great works at Biennale this year. With Basel bought HK partially(and could/would take up 100%) & a new fair in NY next feb in contention, I'm curious to know your thoughts on order/weight of standings with bulging amount of art fairs based on what you see.

  2. Yes there is an intl art fair every week all year round, with new ones popping up like cancer every month. And it's often the same big names doing their world tour. But it also gives more opportunities to rising talents.
    The thing is as long as the usual suspects and media monopoles control the flow of investments in production and distribution, independent media and productions will suffer. The main headache remains that even with maturing, diversifying local industries, Asian talents must first make a name abroad, in order to gain some sort of financial credibility at home, often after years of miserable toil or expatriation. And then artists recognized and financed by the West fall into a continuous biennale ghetto cut off from local media and audiences, and fueled by the current absurd speculation.