Friday, 21 September 2012

redslim08's new drawings at Art o'Clock show in Paris

redslim08's new drawings, presented by gallery Intuiti at Art o'Clock art trade show in Paris, between Pierre Clerc on the left who died in 1984, and young artist Jérémy Chabaud.
Merci Christophe et Stéphane!

Torling Bulkanaysing, 9x12"

Keyti Minsletferi, 9x12"

Dekster Dorian, 9x12"

Wini Datoro, 9x12"

Damusloy Tsoolalyeng, 9x12"

Hulanchawti Takenik, 9x12"

Lorsyanna Roses, 9x12"

Dunatayorn Omprin, 9x12"

Hulkbalahap, 9x12"

Panikikiman BaneTumbling, 9x12"

Apterten Anemika, 9x12"

Shweyli Balyeni Rebelyamee, 9x12"

Pishes Iskaryet, 12x18"

Kasagsang Banatenhon, 12x18"

Estingrey Langit, 12x18"
Pinela Pinalina, 9x12"

Eartho Ditor, 9x12"
Triripaypay Pukechu, 9x12"

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

禄 Prospérité

The "禄 Prospérité" exhibition I've commissioned in Paris for Shanghai artist 陈航峰 Chen Hang Feng, with gallery 22,48 m2 in Belleville, opened 10th of May 2012, on till July 21st.

Press release

It Matters, hand cut on red bamboo paper, edition 2/5, 24x16cm, 2007, 385euros

Logomania Double Happiness 囍, 2012, paper-cut, dyed with water color, 40x30cm, edition 1/6, 1800 euros

Logomania Dragon 30x34 cm, cut on bamboo paper, dye with water color, 2012, 1500 euros, edition 3 / 6

Logomania No.2 疯狂标志2号 Hand cut on bamboo paper, 65x65cm, 2005, 1300 euros, edition 3/20
Logomania Carpet No.3  疯狂标志地毯3, Hand-made carpet, colored wool, 200x200cm, 2008, 4800 euros

Golden Phoenix 金凤凰, embroidery by machine, 55x55cm, 2007, 960 euros, edition 1/8

Just poo it 放胆拉, 2007, video, 31’’, 1800 euros, edition 1/3

Daily Prosperity 欣欣向荣, self-adhesive wallpaper, 102x102cm, 29 euros per sqm

The Last Supper, photographic prints, 50x37.5cm: 600 euros, 73x54.5cm: 900 euros, editions 3/5

The Last Supper - Fast Food, 2009, single channel video w sound, 6’16“, 2400 euros, edition 1/5
Wind from West - Orchid, 2010, cut plastic bag, pins, 62.5x82.5x9cm

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

恭禧發財, 新年快乐 everyone!

Chen Hangfeng 陈航峰: "Logomania Dragon", 30 x 34 cm, cut on bamboo paper, dye with water color, 2012. First shown at Galerie LJ's "Quarante par trente" group exhibition in Paris, April 2012.