Wednesday, 8 January 2014

NeoFolk Asian contemporary art show in Singapore, January 15 - March 1, 2014

Our NeoFolk exhibition has its 2nd installment at Ikkan gallery, Helutrans bldg, opening January 14th for Art Stage Singapore.
With Clear Edition Tokyo and Kult Singapore.

NeoFolk2 explores the work of artists in Asia who have been rediscovering their roots and traditional crafts, by remixing and creating images inspired by their heritage.
These artists use the same visual language of their ancestors to create a commentary on contemporary Asian culture and society.
This multimedia exhibition gets under the surface of living in modern Asia. We see this form of visual expression as a search for identity, a desire to rework heritage in order to shape the future.

Featuring works including

Budi Nugroho
Dancing Gaia - 2012, resin

陈航峰 Chen Hang Feng
Logomania Carpet No. 2 - 2007, dyed wool and cotton

かつまたひでゆき Hideyuki Katsumata
Yaoyoroz - 2009, acrylic and ink on paper

 Riyoo Kim
Yougan-ki - 2013, ceramic

 Howie Tsui
Celestials of Gold Mountain - 2010, acrylic on canvas

Limay Rusay - 2013, ink on paper

林慶芳 Lin Chin Fong
無限天使 Infinity Angel in those days: 1983-2013. No.1
2013, oil, acrylic, spray on canvas, Christmas light, mirror, glass, FRP, wood

尾関幹人 Mikito Ozeki
 Big Body 2 - 2013, hand-cut black archival paper

吳耿禎 Jam Wu
龍 - 從巴黎到北京, 萬年紅紙
(Dragon, from Paris to Beijing, years of red paper)
2010-2012, hand-cut paper

Rudy Atjeh
Welcome to the Jungle - 2012, hand-cut paper

陸揚 Lu Yang
Wrathful King Kong Core - 2011, HD video