Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Amok rockers of the South Seas 1

As I wrote an article on rebel Asian music for Issue One magazine's upcoming "Revolt" issue, I made a few mixes of what I was listening to:



蓝色的故乡 - 刚子
(蓝色的故乡, 2008), Inner Mongolia

Bagsakan, feat. Francis M & Gloc 9 - Parokya Ni Edgar
(Halina Sa Parokya), legendary Filipino band

Kunobatkan Jadi Fantasi - The Upstairs
(Magnet! Magnet!, 2009), Indonesia

Cekal (Remake '09) - Slank
(Generasi Biru - Original Soundtrack, 2009), Indonesia
thanks Wuki!

Utopia - Slank
(Generasi Biru - Original Soundtrack, 2009), Indonesia

Laklak - Gloc 9
(G9, 2003), Philippines

Isang Araw - Gloc 9
(G9, 2003), Philippines

Ubos Biyaya - Francis Magalona
(The Story of Francis M, 2001), very cool huge Filipino star, R.I.P.! We had a great time!

China National Anthem World Cup 2042 - Journal du futur, Saison 1, Printemps-Eté 2042
(composed by Thomas Dupont for the episode 4, spécial coupe du monde June 26th 2008)
merci Guillaume!

Mouths Unplugged - Akafellas, feat. Gloc 9
(Akafellas, 2004), Philippines

罪 - Beyond
(得精彩, 1996), legendary Hong Kong rock

Bek Bak Koeu Barachey
excerpt from a Khmer folk music compilation

High - Futon
(Love Bites, 2005), fabulous Thai rock band

คณิตศาสตร์ ฟิสิกส์ - Rik Vachirapirum
(Rasmalai Chapter 1, 2005), out-of-this-world Thai rock diva
thanks Josef and Golf!
Check out this video:

半成品 - 固定客
(像星星一樣 Like A Star, 2007), Taiwan

Dorug Daiym - Yat-Kha
(Tuva Rock, 2003), legendary Mongolian punk Albert Kuvezin's band
thanks Steve!

Pemuda Belati ("teen male") - Komunal
(Hitam Semesta, 2007), Indonesian punk
hi Morgg

I Wanna Be Your Dog (Pram Face Remix) - Futon


Saturday, 18 April 2009

Absolut HK

The only good music in HK lastly has been hip hop. The hk beat is Lo-J.
"Media" Music Video

Is Dj Galaxy.

This is HK. In the space of a few days you are caught in a whirlwind of wacky crazy characters.
Dinner at a no-additives Chinese restaurant in a Lan Kwai Fong side-alley with Lucky bald Louis, SoHo studio Sue and drop-dead Alana miss MSG.
A famous tv anchor is so bored out of her head from an interior designer's monotone conversation she rushes out and falls flat on her face.
Pizza comes with champagne in the company of two amazing persan cats in a self-described media mogul's Wallpaper-perfect Mid-levels pad with a breath-taking view of the harbour.
Queen central flutters wildly at the opening of well-off gay (not smelly) bar DYMK.
A shiny black car on Hollywood West sports a "Mum knows best" plate.
Lawyers throw a nurse-themed vodka-champagne hen night in a private dinner room. The future bride gave a guest a lap dance.
Sassy Chinese Indonesian women huddle on a rooftop sofa, with another breath-taking view of the harbour. "Do you have chop chop?"
The wilder one rustles the valiant men to awful Drop. She asks Louis, "Are you sure you’re gay?"
Louis calls it "slappers delight".
A new Morgan Stanley recruit belts out beautiful Irish songs at Barco. The amazing Dr Lauren and Hell's Angel jet pilot Craig.

Louis notices the "troglodykes" are out tonight.

The best look in HK is still fantastic Hoiming's Big Pocket bag.

Friday, 17 April 2009

Urban renewal

Soon HK's Central market, drawing so much tourism and an integral part of whatever is left of the territory's identity, as featured prominently in every movie, tv report or ad, is promised to the same sorry fate as Wan Chai market, which has already been defaced and raped in the face, losing its wet market to a horrible soulless mall. More here.

The new LKF hotel on Aberdeen St is very popular for white collar lunch fuck, gelled-up yuppies and spindly stilettos. But it's just a nasty building covered in bathroom tiles.
Of course the Urban Renewal Authority (how sweet a name) gave it clearance easy greasy.

Soon all there will be left is smart-ass (but genius ok) designer store G.O.D.'s Classic Butcher’s Lamp.

Something legendary hardcore band 荔枝王 (King Lychee) can balladeer about, though the brutal gentrification of touristy downtown might be past their worries.