Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yes I think beatboxing is getting tiring, especially now that it's performed by wiggas chiggas jiggas on talent shows.

But some are still pretty good.

This from ethnic Koreans in Yan Bian, Ji Lin province in North China:

Apparently W+K Shanghai is doing a documentary about this phenomenon.

Or there are the Philippines' amazing Akafellas.

Or Hong Kong's 農夫 F.A.M.A.'s "咳" ("cough") cut on their 月下思 album (download it here).

There is a lot of ugly Asian hip hop wear.
The only stuff I like is MC Yan's Chinese graffiti 宁死不屈 garb and accessories.
His Tshirts come fitted with
Fu©Kin Music 福建音樂 memory chips.

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