Saturday, 16 May 2009

Gang filims

Well, 搖頭 gangsters to be exact.

From Singapore:

Royston Tan's amazing "15".
Singapore bo be zhao!

Kan ni na be Singapore bo be zhao!

The nightclub version:

From the Philippines:

Brillante Mendoza's powerful, brutal, hidden camera cut-up freestyle "Tirador"

"Tribu" by Jim Libiran.
Paris, Fribourg, Berlin, Pusan, Palanca Award Best Screenplay, Cinemalaya 2007's Best Film, Best Actors and Best Sound.

Starring real life Tondo gang members, Jamir Garcia of Slapshock, Dice & Hi C (Mobbstarrs), Loonie & Ron (Stick Figgas) and poet Teo Antonio.

From South Korea:

"친구" ("Friend") by 곽경택
Kwak Kyung-Taek.

From Japan:

"3-4 x 10月" ("
Boiling Point") by 北野武 Kitano Takeshi.

"新宿黒社会 チャイナ マフィア戦争" ("Shinjuku Triad Society") by 三池 崇史 Miike Takashi.
Gay triads!

Merci Alexis

"殺し屋" ("Ichi the Killer") also by 三池 崇史 Miike Takashi.
Starring 浅野忠信 Tadanobu Asano in this cute scene if you're feeling in the mood:

and "犯罪者" ("Dead or Alive") also by 三池 崇史 Miike Takashi.
竹内力 Riki Takeuchi and 哀川翔 Aikawa Sho

Featuring a Guinness-world-record-breaking line of charlie.

"刺青一代" ("A Tattooed Life") by 鈴木 清順 Suzuki Seijun.
Starring 高橋英樹 Takahashi Hideki.

From Hong Kong:

"鎗火" ("The Mission") by 杜琪峰 Johnnie To.
Starring 黃秋生 Anthony Wong, 吳鎮宇 Francis Ng, 張耀揚 Roy Cheung, 林雪 Lam Suet, 呂頌賢 Jackie Lui, 高雄 Eddie Ko and 任達華 Simon Yam.

"江湖告急" ("Triad Zone") by 林超贤 Dante Lam.
Starring a song-and-dance 梁家辉 Tony Leung Ka-Fai, the great Sandra Ng 吴君如, 陈奕迅 Eason Chan, 張耀揚 Roy Cheung, Carl Ng, and a hilarious 黃秋生 Anthony Wong.

From Indonesia:

"9 Naga" by Rudy Soedjarwo

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