Thursday, 5 February 2009

Repulse Bay

For better reading condition of this little post, listen to my friend Jean-Michel Ou's hybrid chill Shanghai opera remixes, using recordings of his own grandmother's voice singing male parts.

It's a beautiful, crisp Sunday, so Louis and I decide to unplug at the beach.

The taxi driver asks for the beach number. He calls his friend in Mandarin for directions.

As we doze off a flock of Wenzhou decibels come screeching above our heads. Quick look. We're surrounded. Busloads of shopping manufacturers and medium company owners are invading the beach, their last stop before departure. Still they are in their Sunday best, and full of cheer, so bless 'em.

Repulsive Bay, originally uploaded by damesville.

By the way the concave building is to be torn down after years of battle between the land owners and the building group. I can't imagine it could have possibly further ruined the aesthetic of the Repulse Bay residential vista.
Or maybe there was never anything behind after all.

Video by Jean-Michel for the bus ride back to town:

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