Thursday, 5 February 2009

Iron Mic 2008 battle Hong Kong

Spirits lifted when it was time for HK's Iron Mic battle at Cali Cali in TST, hosted by MC Yan.
Check out some of the videos, especially Fat B from Prosa in Guangzhou. (enjoy their banned video:
The Generation)

Check out also mad MastaMic's skills here.

It was good to see some sexiness from the groupies, and taller, bigger kids than before. Skinny scrawny dual focal nerds in cheapo anoraks slammed down their bigger opponents who had all the right threads and swagger.

The final pitted hk vs gz in fabulous freestyle cursing. However most of the HK hip hop scene was there that night, all 30 of them... The local music industry is lagging far behind. And so are the media.
Ham lam.

DJ Prepare's amazing jacket:

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