Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Sorcerer @ cutlog #6 Paris 2015

cutlog art fair Paris invited me as guest curator over FIAC 2015 at Hôtel de l'Industrie.

These are the artists I exhibited, whom I chose for their other-worldly totems and spells: Tony Valentine, Pia MYrvoLD, Vicenta Valenciano, Michal Cole, Seib Pascot, Hideyuki Katsumata, redslim08, Hendra "Blankon" Priyadhani, and Nicole Renaud.

Michal Cole (Israel), London
Video installations
Special thanks to Virginie Puertolas-Syn
Enta Omri (انت عمري You are my love)
Mute Ululation, premiered during Venice biennale 2015

Vicenta Valenciano (Spain), Paris
Liquid painting

Untitled (droplets)

Wrinkled (25x40cm)
Untitled (55x35cm)
Resting on canvas 3 (voids, white, 73x150cm)
Untitled (55x35cm)
Voids (cercles, mix, 50x95cm)

Pia MYrvoLD (Norway), Paris
WAND - Trans Human (210x45x45cm), 2015, electronics, sensors, steel, plastic, resin, mixed materials
Interactive Sounds: Pia MYrvoLD & Nicolas Charbonnier

Seib Pascot (France), Paris
De Medusis (45x200cm), 2015, animated piano mechanics, paper and electronics

Tony Valentine (UK), Maintenon
Wooden objects (approx 200x30cm)

Hendra "Blankon" Priyadhani (Indonesia), Yogyakarta
Fine Art Rock - enamel painting on trays
Mysticore #1 (陳秋霞, 35x45cm)
Mysticore #2 (恬妞, 45x45cm)

Hideyuki Katsumata (Japan), Saitama

hk (80x60cm), ink & acrylic & spray on paper
Emotional Surgery (30x40cm), acrylic, ink and spray on paper
Power of Birth (30x40cm), acrylic, ink and spray on paper
Amaterasu (21x30cm)

Atmosphere (60x60cm), ink on paper
h (30x42cm), ink, acrylic and spray on paper

redslim08 (Philippines), Las Pinas
Ink drawings (21x30cm)
Aloy Ganita                Anep Lewo
Berji Erbes                            Dogalyar Rone
Edrob Alkim                    Escan Shan
Gabya Trikpat                      Gruen Jebe
Lera Jekisa                        Repez Maryafe
Ronia Broy                       Tungbe Gerg

Bum Ariffin (Indonesia), Singapore
The End Is Here - digital prints (30x45cm)

Nicole Renaud (France), New York - Capri

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