Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Gasah Buta

"Beating blindly about", as my grandfather says.
Here's a rojak mess of things that got stuck under my soles on my last Asia tour:

Singapura, doorstep to Cathay, Malaya and the isles of Sunda, pinched sphincter of the Pacific and Indian oceans, air-conned launderette of sovereign wealths, trendy buffet of listed commodities. It was host to the APEC 2009 summit, where they donned local garb designed by Wykidd Song.

Good effort, but they look like hospital nurses (no offense to nurses).

Fortunately to sweeten the deal for me in Singawhore all aglare with new shopping centres, scary ugly Christmas deer sculptures on Orchard Road, I.R.s (that's Integrated Resorts for you fun-lovin' gamblers) and lifestyle & entertainment complexes, there was the release of the "+65 Indie Underground" 3-CD compilation

featuring local legends The Marilyns, A Vacant Affair, Amateur Takes Control, Muon, B-Quartet, The Great Spy Experiment, Astreal, Opposition Party, The Observatory, aspidistrafly, Force Vomit, Boredphucks, Sugarflies, Stoned Revivals, 陈伟联 Kelvin Tan, The Lilac Saints, Humpback Oak, Padres, Watchmen, The Oddfellows, Convent Garden, Nunsex, Daze, Corporate Toil, and Zircon Lounge 1984! Ach the memories.
Love the dark jean cover by fFurious, I keep sweeping dust off it. Thank you so much Little!

In Hong Kong, while I was perched atop Louis' sunkissed Ap Lei Chau Faux glamour-pussed social whirlwind of a showroom / office deck (view over Lamma from the office below),

pro-democracy lawmaker
長毛 "long hair" 梁国雄 Leung Kwok Hung threw a mock microwave oven at Hong Kong Chief Secretary Henry Tang inside the Legislative Council, against proposed electoral reforms for 2012 towards universal suffrage in... 2017.

The mock microwave oven meant the same political reforms they espoused in 2005 were being reheated. See Banyan's funny/sad article.

See my poteau MC Yan's slam jam for freedom of speech in Hong Kong:

Former Japanese Prime Minister 小泉 純一郎 Junichiro Koizumi is set to provide the voice for Ultraman King in the film "大怪獣バトル ウルトラ銀河伝説" ("Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend"), the latest installment of the Ultraman series.

"We considered many people who might be able to play this crucial role," said a producer at Tsuburaya Productions. "But we though that the only person who could really have the presence of Ultraman King, who brings the clan together, would be Mr Koizumi, who once led the country."

Was blown away by the fight scenes in "殺破狼" ("S.P.L."), starring 任达华 Simon Yam doing the usual Yam this time with impending brain tumour, a magnificently scary 洪金宝 Sammo Hung, master 甄子丹 Donnie Yen as a spiffy gay icon, and an amazing 吴京 Wu Jing. An unbearably stupid subplot involving Father's Day, but jaw-dropping gong fu, and top cinematography by Lam "Runaway Pistol" Yah Chuen. See Sammo Hung and Donnie Yen's final fight here, going through the span of gong fu techniques, kicks, punches, close, flying kicks, projections, floor etc.

Finally I'm having so much fun reading "Confessions of an Old Boy: The Dato' Hamid Adventures", by Kam Raslan.

As my grandfather says, "去".

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