Thursday, 5 November 2009

Neo folk

Folk art is reborn and rid of gift-shop mentalities, cultivating local flavours and reinterpreting its roots:

Redslim08, Manila

陈航峰 Chen Hang Feng, Shanghai

吳耿禎 Jam Wu, Taipei

范家凌 Fan Chia Ling, Taipei

I Made Palguna, Bali

Bob 'Sick' Yudhita, Jakarta

Entang Wiharso, Yogyakarta

Bramantyo Prijosusilo, Yogyakarta - Los Angeles

MC 仁, Hong Kong (寧死不屈)

For sweet nu folk sounds I recommend Iz, 刚子 and
哈雅乐团小组 Haya's tundra folk rock from Inner Mongolia,

Yat-Kha from Mongolia, the Hualampong Riddim label from Thailand, on Taiwan Color Music label the wonderful 紀曉君 Samingad,
郭明龍 Long Ge, the Nan Wang Sisters 南王姊妹花, Takaya & Tau Band's acoustic Ainu (Hokkaido)) and Taiwanese aboriginal music, 廖士賢 Sam Liao, and A Moving Sound from Taiwan.

Most folk and craft fashion is tourist-oriented, but there are some good designers putting out beautiful things: Issue's world-weary ethnic funky casuals

and Good Mixer's wild prints from Bangkok, Persimmon Lane from Cheng Du, Ranee K from Hong Kong, Coffee Tea & Me's embroidery from India, and Rizalman Ibrahim's
mega mendung prints from Kuala Lumpur...

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