Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Asie by derrière 1

Fun cover songs by Asian artists to start the Summer:

Asie by derrière 1 - Kampong beats by yaimogwei


James Bond Theme - The Son of P. M. (Payong Mukda)
Thai Beat a go-go vol 1, Thailand

ซิงเกิล I Wanna Be Your Dog (Pram Face Remix) - Futon

Quizas, quizas, quizas - Norico & 大江達也 Tatsuya Oe aka Captain Funk
(Hilton 21, 2005), Japan

夢見るシャンソン人形 Poupée de cire, poupée de son - 細川ふみえ Hosokawa Fumie

(Gainsbourg Tribute '95, download it here), Japan

What Is Love? - Alisha Chinai & Anu Malik
(The Gentleman OST, 1994), India

Smells like teen spirit - Stylish Nonsense

Elastique - Gml (Girl meets love)
(Elastique, 1996), Japan

I Want You Back - Finger 5

Don't Stop Til You Get to Bollywood - Bollywood Freaks
(Bombay Gangstarr), India

Bading Ang Dating (Lauryn Hill's "Doo wop - That thing") -
Francis Magalona (R.I.P.)
(Francis Magalona Kiko - piling awit ni Francis M), The Philippines

可愛的香港 ("Summer Holiday") - 陈宝珠 Connie Chan Po Chu
Hong Kong

Mustafa, Mustafa - A.R. Rahman
(Kadhal Desam OST, 1996), India

Padam...padam... - コシミハル Miharu Koshi

(Chanson Solaire, 1995), Japan

卡門 (
Carmen, "La Habanera") - 葛蘭 Ge Lan (Grace Chang)
(from the amazing film 野玫瑰之恋 The Wild, Wild Rose), China

海、セックスそして太陽 Sea, sex and sun - 夏木マリ Natsuki Mari
(13 Chansons, 1998), Japan


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