Friday, 17 April 2009

Urban renewal

Soon HK's Central market, drawing so much tourism and an integral part of whatever is left of the territory's identity, as featured prominently in every movie, tv report or ad, is promised to the same sorry fate as Wan Chai market, which has already been defaced and raped in the face, losing its wet market to a horrible soulless mall. More here.

The new LKF hotel on Aberdeen St is very popular for white collar lunch fuck, gelled-up yuppies and spindly stilettos. But it's just a nasty building covered in bathroom tiles.
Of course the Urban Renewal Authority (how sweet a name) gave it clearance easy greasy.

Soon all there will be left is smart-ass (but genius ok) designer store G.O.D.'s Classic Butcher’s Lamp.

Something legendary hardcore band 荔枝王 (King Lychee) can balladeer about, though the brutal gentrification of touristy downtown might be past their worries.

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